Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ideal limo...

We found this horsebox the other day, and it was an irresistable photo opportunity! There are days when a pantechnicon would come in handy but lets be honest, were unlikely to buy one.

Today's the sort of day when we would have used it, as we've been at the seaside, kayaking in Keyhaven. The sun shone all afternoon, but the wind has been howling. It was a bit much for Lewis at times, as he gets thrown around by the tides and currents, but he stuck with it in his own boat. Greg and Miranda both come out with me and it enjoyed the ride.

Mippy had a whale of a time as the waves broke down over the deck, whooping and hollering, as we headed out to see the swans and cygnets. There was a moment when we watched Lewis approaching a sage old Heron on the bank some distance away. You could see him edging forward and the Heron twitching slightly. Eventually Lewis pushed it too far and the Heron took off!

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