Monday, August 13, 2007

Icky wicky!

After supper time tonight we were hit by the childhood version of flash floods. No sooner had Mippy's bedclothes been pulled off and replacements sought than Greg appeared and ooops, too late, and an even bigger trail of devastation. Not content with being outdone, Mippy decided to go for a second attempt and the bath was the only place left to keep her contained!

A small sobbing from Lewis' room, and I was getting worried. However Lewis' unhappiness was focussed mainly upon the impact it might all have on tomorrow's activities! Ah bless!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear sounds like you have a bug or lurgy !
Hope you all get better soon .

Anonymous said...

Lola had her first 'contained pee' today! in the bath and into a plastic cup!