Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm puzzled by Miffi

I had a call earlier from Joanna who was on her way to Bethnell Green to see the Dick Bruna exhibition. Quite a long way for a small child to go on a train on her own to meet her nemesis!

So tonight we had a visit of our own to the website where it tells us that Dick's first illustration of the white rabbit was made on holiday in Egmond aan Zee - it was accompanied by the words "the bunny pair were overjoyed, quite soon the baby came, with ears so long and fur so white, and Miffy was her name"

Well we've read those words more times than I care to remember now, and of course we've changed it to Mippy, but why don't you have a go at the puzzles and see what the rabbit has to say to you!

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